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About DarwinPrep

DarwinPrep brings the next generation of online test preparation to students and teachers around the world. Members use our innovative testing platform to learn, practice, and excel at all concepts required on the SAT exam. The more you practice, the better DarwinPrep understands your needs and tailors your learning experience to maximize your success. Preparing for these exams has never been this fun and easy!

With our assistance, basic education becomes accessible to anyone with a curious mind and a strong work ethic. Our platform and services are designed to groom the true geniuses of tomorrow: those who strive to achieve.

Our Mission

DarwinPrep's mission is to ensure that students who put in the effort will accomplish their academic goals.

Darwin Prep delivers key features and benefits that drive your success.

Full-length Exams

We've included all the original practice material you will need to excel on your test!

Core Subject Practice

You can focus on a specific concept that you need help with, and DarwinPrep will offer a vast amount of resources and practice questions in that particular subject. You will strengthen your skills through learning and assessment that range from easy to challenging, until you feel you've mastered the material.

Instant Results

Don't wait and wonder how you did: DarwinPrep gives you feedback in real time, so you know which concepts you need to work on before your next practice test.


Track which parts of the test you’ve mastered so you arrive on test day feeling confident and ready!



The college admissions exam that once tested your ability to reason and apply knowledge to complex situations has had a facelift! DarwinPrep is fully up to speed with the New SAT and offers students the opportunity to prepare all the way.

The New SAT tests evidence-based reading, writing and language, and math and is worth up to 1600 points. An additional optional essay section evaluates reading, analysis, and writing, which are each worth between 2-8 points.

Algebra 1 Regents

The Algebra 1 Regents exam covers all the skills and formulas you learn in your regular Algebra 1 course in school. The exam consists of both multiple-choice and open-answer questions, covering topics from linear equations, polynomials, graphs and functions to statistics.

DarwinPrep will track your progress as you practice all the skills you need to do well on the Algebra 1 Regents, so that you arrive at the exam knowing you’re ready for success.

Global History Regents

The Global History Regents exam covers a variety of topics in world history, which generally covers two years of your high school Global History course. The exam is split into multiple choice, Document-Based and Thematic essay questions covering all of these topics.

With DarwinPrep, you can practice the multiple choice portion of the exam to expand your knowledge base, and get feedback from real teachers when you practice your document and essay-based questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the exams in DarwinPrep real?
Absolutely! DarwinPrep has adapted real-life and practice exams for SAT, ACT, and SHSAT in order to provide students with the most accurate resources and the best shot at success.
How much does DarwinPrep cost?
DarwinPrep is absolutely free!
Does DarwinPrep keep track of my results?
Each student creates his or her own account and has a dashboard to keep track of activity. Every time you answer a question, and each time you submit a practice exam, DarwinPrep gives you your results right away so you can see how you did. Over time, DarwinPrep learns your strengths and weaknesses and tailors your learning experience accordingly. DarwinPrep helps you practice concepts that you find difficult and keeps your memory fresh with the concepts you've already mastered.
How do I know what concepts I need the most help with?
Our goal is for each and every student to have an individualized learning experience. Our technology gets smarter and smarter about your individual needs with each and every question you answer.DarwinPrep tracks your progress and learns which skills you need extra help with and which skills you have mastered. Just keep practicing, and we'll evolve with your needs!
Are these actual questions that have been on the SAT?
Of course! DarwinPrep's vast database contains thousands of practice questions adapted directly from past SAT, as well as hundreds of thousands of original questions that directly follow exam question format.
Can I track my progress so I know what areas to focus on for improvement?
DarwinPrep learns about you as a student the more you use the application. You will receive results for your practice exams in real time, and DarwinPrep will let you know which subjects you need more help in and which skills you have mastered. Based on your test history, DarwinPrep will offer you extra help where you need it and make sure you are reviewing skills you've already mastered, so when you arrive at test day you can be sure that you are fully prepared.